Casting/Mirroring Test Page

Casting/Mirroring (Transferring) the Show from a Device to a Television

If you plan on casting/mirroring the video onto your television, please see the information below:

The show will support Chromecast & AirPlay on supported devices.

Casting Software Web Browser Operating System/Device
AirPlay Safari iOS(iPhone, iPad), Mac Desktop
Chromecast Google Chrome Android phones, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop

AirPlay will only work on the Safari web browser using an iPhone/iPad/Mac Desktop and casting to an AirPlay supported device

Chromecast will only work on the Chrome web browser using an Android/Mac Computer/Windows Computer and casting to a Chromecast supported device

If you are using a supported device & browser the cast icon will appear in the bottom right of the video player.

Another option for connecting a computer to a tv would be through a HDMI cable (if your laptop and tv both have HDMI ports).

*Please note: Our support team will be unable to answer casting related questions. If you require additional help, please refer to online sources or call up a tech savvy friend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page here or email our support team at