Casting/Mirroring Test Page

Casting/Mirroring (Transferring) the Show from a Device to a Television

If you plan on casting/mirroring the video onto your television, please see the information below:

The show will support Chromecast & AirPlay on supported devices.

Casting Software Web Browser Operating System/Device
AirPlay Safari iOS(iPhone, iPad), Mac Desktop
Chromecast Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge 2020 Android phones, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop

AirPlay will only work on the Safari web browser using an iPhone/iPad/Mac Desktop and casting to an AirPlay supported device

Chromecast will only work on the Chrome or Edge 2020 web browser using an Android/Mac Computer/Windows Computer and casting to a Chromecast supported device

If you are using a supported device & browser the cast icon will appear in the bottom right of the video player.

Another option for connecting a computer to a tv would be through a HDMI cable (if your laptop and tv both have HDMI ports).

*Please note: Our support team will be unable to answer casting related questions. If you require additional help, please refer to online sources or call up a tech savvy friend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page here or email our support team at